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In this paper static and quasi-static test are conducted to determine the creep behaviour of corrugated board. This study shows a possible way to take the real loads occurring in container shipping into account. The aim of the measurements is to develop a new test option, which is in keeping with the loads occurring. Two test rigs have been developed and constructed for this purpose. These make it possible to measure the creep of corrugated board extremely precisely over a longer period in the aspect of climate chamber size and relative humidity (RH) distribution in the chamber. To increase the accuracy of measurement the analysis also covers those external and internal factors, which can influence the measurement of creep rates. The results show that these influences the accuracy of creep rate measurements to a significant extent, and considerable measuring errors can occur if these are disregarded. The final aim of this study in the future is to present a climate-dependent creep behaviour model for corrugated board using speed-dependent and relatively shorter tests by cascade and individual test rigs.