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Abstract:This paper analyzed the characteristics of colorless fluorescent ink and the existing color separation theory, so that colored additive method should be used in printing color pattern with colorless fluorescent ink as well as three-color screening separation type (red, green and blue). Considering the exhibition of the tone, this paper selected dot parallel screening method. At the same time, through comparing the properties of different dots, this paper adopted a special method of AM screening, using regular triangle as the basic dot model to a threshold matrix of AM screening. Finally, designing a screening algorithm which best suit the colorless fluorescent color printing through the obtained threshold matrix, as well as simulating the screening effects of color printing image in the MATLAB. The experimental results show that this method of screening in anti-counterfeit packaging field can copy better colorless fluorescent color pattern, so as to achieve the effects of color printing using colorless fluorescent ink, which will be widely used in outer package such as medicine, food, tobacco and beverage.