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Del-Sign is a physical approach to acting that uses elements of Francois Delsarte mime techniques with the foundations of American Sign Language. This acting and presentational technique uses cross-cultural physical communication as a way to deepen an actors’ performance, support a presenter’s lecture, or can be used as a format from which to create animations that communicate with or without verbal language. It is a historical fact that Deaf actors using the foundations of Sign Language influenced the movie industry (Higgins). In silent movie infancy Deaf performers were brought in as consultants to ensure that the gestures, relational positions, facial expression, camera angles and body language of the actors could have the strongest impact and the clearest meaning (Albert Ballin). At that time the standard acting technique was a codified movement study begun and refined by Francious Deslarte (1870-1890s Paris, 1880-1915 Steele MacKaye New York). By blending these two structures we find that an outline is gained for creating movement, posture and gesture (MPG) that easily communicates meaning. The applications of this performance technique are many and varied. From the obvious acting for stage application to lawyers, teachers, priests or other presenters. Del-Sign can now bridge into adding technology to the mix allowing for this approach to be used when creating characters and movement for VR, AR or MR.