RIT Digital Institutional Repository

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About the Collections

RIT Digital Archives makes accessible digital copies of RIT materials that reflect RIT's institutional history but are not scholarly in nature. These materials include text-based items such as newsletters, press releases, institute policies and procedures, and meeting minutes of governing bodies such as Academic Senate, Staff Council, and Student Government.

Theses and Dissertations contains the digital copies of theses, dissertations, and capstone projects from RIT students. As of 2017, the electronic copy is the version of record.

Faculty & Staff Scholarship includes articles, conference papers, and other published scholarship produced by RIT faculty and staff.

Student Scholarship consists of exemplary student work that was completed as part of their coursework, but not necessarily in support of a graduation requirement.

Open Publishing hosts open access journals and books published by RIT Libraries.

Digitized Special Collections are the digitized holdings of RIT's cultural heritage collections, including items from the Cary Graphic Arts Collection and Graphic Design Archives, the Deaf Studies, Culture, and History Archives, and the RIT Archives (photos and images).

Datasets makes data generated by RIT faculty and staff available to the public.