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LONE is an interactive mobile application, which introduces an authentic international shopping experience, helps customers to buy authentic products from a small store in another country. Based on the survey of usage of cross-border e-commerce in selected countries done by United Nations Conference on Trade and Development and Statista, today’s customers have higher demands on traveling and purchasing authentic products from overseas ever than before. Since the majority of them don’t have the time or budget of going around the world, people buying authentic items from other places become one of the sources for people to get to understand about the culture of different areas. However, it is so difficult for people to get to buy all the authentic things over the world. Due to limited knowledge of the specific location in another country, customers cannot know what’s authentic of that location. The lack of authenticity of their available products disappointed customers, and can’t satisfy their shopping demand.

LONE connected customers who want to explore authentic items from overseas, with travelers who are willing to share their findings. Then with LONE shoppers, who are local people work for LONE, help customers to purchase and ship the authentic products to them. The foreseen future of global shopping system, customers can buy something selling on a street in another country. Consequently, creating a community of sharing authentic products and experiences globally, thereby, to reach the final goal of broadening people’s vision and enhancing cultural understanding.

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Shopping--Interactive multimedia--Design; Mobile apps--Design; International business enterprises; International trade; Globalization

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