Virtual Reality (VR) is a new platform that provides the public with an immersive experience in a virtual space. With the development and promotion of VR hardware devices, virtual reality technology is applied in various industries such as the advertising of products, traveling, game, art, therapy, education and many others. Unlike media such as videos and pictures, VR applications allow users to interact with content instead of only watching. Beyond the novelty of the technology, for a meaningful immersive experience, VR interaction design and visual design must work together to place the user in a natural and comfortable state. The immersive VR interaction design is the key to improve the sense of presence in VR.

However, most VR applications are still using traditional two-dimensional interactions. The most common is that information is displayed on a two-dimensional plane or a three-dimension space only has few interactions available. It is hard for users to keep having the presence through those traditional interactive ways. This project is a VR interactive prototype exploring VR interaction design to enhance the sense of presence through the showcase of the future wardrobe. It creates an immersive experience of integrating the futuristic user interface design, responsive gesture-based interactions, and VR environment design.

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Virtual reality--Design; Three-dimensional display systems; User interfaces (Computer systems)--Design

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Mike Strobert

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Daniel DeLuna

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Shaun Foster


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