This thesis is an attempt to affect and activate the population of consumers that are open to sexual experimentation, which in turn will provoke further discussion into sexual identity and sex positivity.

Though there is a high percentage of people who engage in some form of kinky sex, there is still a lack of seriousness in accepting sexual fetishes as valid expressions of sexual behavior.

And so designing by approximating a sort of midpoint between the hardcore and the novel, it would eliminate much of the critical nature one would take with an “other” group if people may find that they themselves are part of the kink/fetish community.

A popular kink/fetish recognized by many in the general population is bondage. Designing a pair of handcuffs as both a representative of the greater network of kinks/fetishes and as an innocuous method of establishing access into regular lives.

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Handcuffs--Design and construction; Fetishism (Sexual behavior)

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Industrial Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Stan Rickel

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Tim Wood


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