Walking humanoid robotics is a developing field. Different humanoid robots allow for different kinds of testing. TigerBot is a new full-scale humanoid robot with seven degrees-of-freedom legs and with its specifications, it can serve as a platform for humanoid robotics research. Currently TigerBot has encoders set up on each joint, allowing for position control, and its sensors and joints connect to Teensy microcontrollers and the ODroid XU4 single-board computer central control unit. The components’ communication system used the Robot Operating System (ROS). This allows the user to control TigerBot with ROS. It’s important to have a simulation setup so a user can test TigerBot’s capabilities on a model before using the real robot. A working walking gait in the simulation serves as a test of the simulator, proves TigerBot’s capability to walk, and opens further development on other walking gaits. A model of TigerBot was set up using the simulator Gazebo, which allowed testing different walking gaits with TigerBot. The gaits were generated by following the linear inverse pendulum model and the basic zero-moment point (ZMP) concept. The gaits consisted of center of mass trajectories converted to joint angles through inverse kinematics. In simulation while the robot follows the predetermined joint angles, a proportional-integral controller keeps the model upright by modifying the flex joint angle of the ankles. The real robot can also run the gaits while suspended in the air. The model has shown the walking gait based off the ZMP concept to be stable, if slow, and the actual robot has been shown to air walk following the gait. The simulation and the framework on the robot can be used to continue work with this walking gait or they can be expanded on for different methods and applications such as navigation, computer vision, and walking on uneven terrain with disturbances.

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