This project aims to explore new ways to spread traditional culture of Jie Qi and to teach a healthy lifestyle according the theory of Jie Qi. The project provides comprehensive design solutions through a website to remedy the problem of ineffective learning of complex knowledge from books and lack of communication. The website creates a virtual visual environment through interactive design that offer users a playful journey through an introduction of Jie Qi.

Jie Qi is a historic and significant invention. Based on observations of the sun’s movement integrated with natural phenomenon, starting about 3000 years ago, the ancient Chinese created a new time system called the lunar calendar that divides a year into 24 solar terms named Jie Qi to guide farmers in their agricultural plans (YU and Lao 2016). Each Jie Qi consists of 15 days and reflects obvious seasonal climate changes that provide a time frame to suggest diet rules, regimen tips, and other aspects of a lifestyle based on the natural law of time. However, because the philosophy of Jie Qi involves a broad spectrum and comprehensive knowledge such as the religious culture of Taoist and traditional medicine theory, fewer and fewer young people in the modern era have even a basic concept of Jie Qi.

As the rapid development of IT technology updates the way we obtain information, more people prefer to accumulate knowledge through visual media than through text-based sources. The purpose of this website is to introduce Jie Qi to a younger generation and to anyone who is interested in Jie Qi cultures, as well as to teach people how to follow a healthy lifestyle associated with each season using Jie Qi theories. By understanding the philosophy of Jie Qi, people could see how nature helps people keep their body in optimal balance (Chen 2011). The project involved interactive design integrated with illustrations to represent a direct visual impression of Jie Qi in six areas: climate, custom, diet, regimen, plant and travel, making the information more concise and enhancing user experience. The goal of this project is to present the culture and connotations of Jie Qi in life, and to promote people’s deeper love for nature since Jie Qi builds a bridge between humans and nature.

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