My thesis work represents my thinking about life at present. It is influenced by Chinese culture and Chinese philosophy as well as my own experience. I was also inspired by the Yin Yang doctrine of Taosim. Everything is composed of a pair of contrary elements: positive and negative. Balance is the keyword of my life view currently. I believe that everyone's life should be balanced. This means enjoying the positive parts and not resenting the negative parts because they are equally important in our lives. It is the negative element of life that enhances the positive element. I suggest experiencing both and trying to balance them, accept what life has to offer and follow the rules of nature.

The mirror is the most appropriate material I found for expressing this concept. Outside the mirror, there is a positive world which is real and touchable, while inside it is a negative one that is unreal. It is the same as our lives. Each contains both positive and negative. In my thesis, I show my concept of both positive and negative in life through the positive and negative world in the mirror. I researched, developed and invented different methods of shaping and making mirrors for different purposes in my projects. In addition to mirror, I used materials such as steel, silver and wood to complete my pieces. I learned new techniques and invented new methods as they became needed in my projects. This allowed me to express my concept freely instead of being limited by the techniques that I had already learned. In my thesis show I used not only traditional art forms such as sculpture and jewelry, but also installations, videos and interactive pieces.

Audiences can understand my view of life from my thesis work or come to their own comprehension from my pieces. Artwork should reflect the present and arouse people to experience deep thinking. This is my view of art as well as my hope for my thesis work.

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Metal sculpture--Themes, motives; Metal sculpture--Technique; Taoist art; Yin-yang in art

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Metals and Jewelry Design (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CAD)


Leonard Urso

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Juan Carlos Caballero-Perez

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Alan Singer


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