Staying healthy at work is crucial to increase a wellness culture during the workday and can further help maintain the health of employees and employers both physically and mentally. Balanced eating is one of the most significant factors in maintaining good health. This thesis proposes a foldable cooking table top with an installed induction cooker. People can prepare and cook food on it cooperatively with a due division of labor in the office. Cooking in groups at the office provides opportunities for social engagement while making healthier meal choices. The proposed cooking table offers flexible interactions during cooking, dining, and social life. Office workers can cook together while sharing the room around the table recreationally and communicating with each other. By using soup as the entrée, people are easily attracted by the aroma of it and willing to join. Moreover, soup is healthy and easy to cook. The integration of soup and the proposed cooking table allows office workers to cook quick and healthy meals collaboratively.

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Industrial Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CAD)


Alex Lobos

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Mindy Magyar


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