The List is a feature film script about Jacob, a dejected teen, during a cold spring break, decides to protect his friend Benny from his abusive father by exploring the city he once thought of as nothing but boring. This feature film script is a boy coming-of-age that incorporates elements of the hero’s journey. The characters deal with the real-world problems of single-parent families, peer pressure, bullying, and abuse while escaping into the world of experiencing their surroundings. It is a prevailing thought by teens that they are growing up in the most boring place. This story unveils that the world around everyone holds features, people, and adventures that are just waiting to be appreciated. Today’s culture has become one of where technology and our online social status outweighs our life experiences, i.e., as long as you document and share something cool you are cool, but are people genuinely experiencing life? This story explores and contrasts these virtual experiences versus real experiences. The characters start with the “need” to post everything but in the end, appreciate and feel real life. A significant theme The List tackles is the idea of being cool vs. being a good person and what that truly means. Overall, it is a story about a couple of boys Jacob and Benny that will learn about who they are, to be comfortable with who they are, and how to stand up for themselves.

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Motion picture authorship; Motion pictures--Production and direction; Online social networks--Drama; Coming-of-age films

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CAD)


Malcolm Spaull

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Jack Beck

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Frank Deese


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