The purpose of this paper is to first analyze the hotel industry in Kosovo in depth, through qualitative and quantitative research, and then to compare it with the hotel industry in Macedonia. In this paper, I look at: what are the capacities of hotels in Kosovo, do these capacities fulfill the hotel industry and tourism needs in Kosovo, how do star ranking criteria reflect the quality of hotels in Kosovo, where do Kosovo hotels lack the most, how does the hotel industry stand in general, how does it differ and compare to the hotel industry in Macedonia, both in capacities and quality, what are the biggest challenges in the hotel industry in Kosovo, what are the factors that have led to the current state of the hotel industry in Kosovo and so on. This research is conducted and includes: analysis of secondary source data and information, and qualitative and quantitative data obtained through a survey and in-depth interviews.

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Senior Project

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Venera Demukai


RIT Kosovo