Wide spread IP reuse in SoC Designs has enabled meteoric development of derivative designs. Several hardware block IPs are integrated together to reduce production costs, time-to-fab/timeto- market and achieve higher levels of productivity. These block IPs must be verified independently before shipping to ensure proper working and conformance to protocols that they are implementing. But, since the application of these IPs will vary from SoC to SoC, the verification environment must consider the important features and functions that are critical for that application. This may mean, revamping the entire testbench to verify the application critical features. Verification takes a major chunk of the total time of the manufacturing cycle. Thus, Verification IPs are created that can be re-used by making minor modifications to the existing test bench. In this project, an Open Cores IP – “SD/MMC Card Controller” (written in Verilog) is re-used by adding an interrupt line and card-detect feature and is verified using Universal Verification Methodology (UVM). The SD/MMC Card Controller has Wishbone as the Host Controller and SPI Master as the Core Controller. The test environment is layered and can be reused. This means, if this IP is re-designed to be controlled by another Host Controller (AXI for example), the verification environment can be re-used by inserting the BFM of that host controller. This paper discusses SD/MMC, Wishbone bus and SPI protocols, along with SD/MMC Controller and UVM based test-bench architecture.

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Master's Project

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Electrical Engineering (KGCOE)


Mark A. Indovina

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