People’s dreams are what interest me most as an artist. Life events, emotional experiences, desires and other personal matters do not come to a person by accident. They are also the things that symbolically shape the images in each of our minds.

We have various images that arise in our dreams caused by daily experiences, personal matters and sensations experienced in our lives. All images or ideas that occur in dreams are recreated, and real emotions are able to appear clearly. Emotions in dreams tend to be real and clear, and our sensitivity to them promotes the clarity of genuine emotion. In addition, I consider emotions to be also the motivating force of our dreams. This gives rise to humans feeling a strong connection with their dreams.

To further focus my concept in terms of my thesis project, I paid attention to anxious dreams. The anxious dreams I have had are much more attractive than happy dreams. The feelings of anxious dreams are more intense and deep than any others.

Anxiety is a feeling of fear, uneasiness, and worry, which is essentially the expectation of a future threat. What I feel most anxious about is the unpredictability and uncertainty of my future. I hope to struggle to control all those feelings of uncertainty, to select what I really need from all of my experiences. However, it is difficult. Those elements may depend on other people or factors like nature, surroundings, space and time. Under the circumstances, although I worried about them, all the uncertain events have continued to happen, and they cannot be predicted.

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Metal sculpture--Themes, motives; Metal sculpture--Technique; Dreams in art

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Metals and Jewelry Design (MFA)

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School for American Crafts (CIAS)


Leonard Urso

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