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There are many tools for knee injury patients to use for rehabilitation. Both Physical Therapists and Occupational Therapists work with patients on rehabilitation to help them recover, bring them back from illness or injury. For knee surgery patients, they will go through rehabilitation including CPM (Continuous passive movement) and exercises assigned by PT (Physical Therapists) to improve recovery.

CPM is a passive motion that a machine forces patients to do, and along with and after that, patients need to be active to do other exercises themselves. Lots of patients run into trouble when rehabbing. Some of them refuse to do the exercises because they have a negative attitude about this rehabilitation. Some of them think it’s troublesome to go to the gym do the rehab exercises; they just stay at home and wait until their leg recovers. Others are afraid of the rehabilitation. Whatever the reason, it turns out they won’t recover very well.

As part of this preliminary study, a survey was presented to patients who had knee injury and doctors who are expert in knee surgery. The patients were asked if they would find it beneficial and appealing to have a more effective experience while they taking rehab exercises. The general consensus was they would find useful as they could be more interested in rehab instead of forcing themselves go to a hospital. On the other side, doctors weren’t so sure about it because we don’t have anything similar on the market. Besides, this project wasn’t so fascinating since the rehab exercises are limited and repeat.

This project is trying to help patients Help the patient to recover consciously, help them maintain their health level or to have the passion to explore ways to improve it, and help recover patients’ both physiological and psychological health.

The purpose of this design would be that users could increase flexibility while they have walking limitations, and encourage them with more effective rehabilitation.

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Knee--Surgery--Patients--Rehabilitation; Physical therapy--Interactive multimedia--Design; Augmented reality

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