The Story of a Blind Wolf; is a 3D animated graduate thesis film, whose length is five minutes forty seconds. It was screened in the School of Animation at Rochester Institute of Technology. The film is in a realistic style and made by CG (computer graphics).

The story takes place in a small puppet theater. While a piper is playing a flute for his audience, a wolf interrupted his performance. The wolf asks the piper to help him escape the hunt. The piper has sympathy for the wolf, so he helps him, lies to the hunter, and saved the wolf. They became friends, dancing and celebrating in the forest. While celebrating, the wolf sees through the tree behind the piper a dangerous snake that is going to hurt the piper. The piper doesn’t notice the snake behind him. So, when the wolf attacks the snake to save the piper’s life, the piper thinks the wolf is going to hurt him after he saved his life. The piper misunderstands the wolf and runs away. Then he met the hunter, in the hunter’s abetted, the piper using hoe beat the wolf to die.

In this film, I want to propose that when confronting things, we are easily interfered by the outside world and give up the ability of thinking independently, which gives rise to unnecessary misunderstandings among people and eventually leads to tragedies.

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Imaging Arts (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CIAS)


Mari Blanchard

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Charles Bandla

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Mark Reisch


RIT – Main Campus