The primary goal of this study is to develop value added, oxygen scavenging plastic film for extending the shelf life and maintaining the quality of white sliced bread. Such film will benefit society by providing a product with extended shelf life that would match modern lifestyle, and potentially reduce food waste. The effects of the added oxygen scavenger in the packaging film on sliced bread qualities, the shelf life of sliced bread, and also properties of packaging film were investigated. Key findings of the study have demonstrated the development of active oxygen scavenging film, film characterization in chemical, morphological, mechanical, barrier, and optical properties, and also the performance evaluation of active film as a package system for sliced bread by studying shelf life, measuring the bread slices qualities in weight loss, texture, color change, microbiological change, and sensory analysis. From the study, the active oxygen scavenging film could maintain the bread slices quality as well as inhibit the mold growth on sliced bread compared to the commercial and control films. The shelf life of white sliced bread stored in the active film lasts longer than the existing shelf life of white sliced bread in the commercial and control packages when stored at 25 °C and 75% RH.

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