Selfies have become an easy and instantaneous form of self-expression and communication. Posting selfies to various social media platforms has become wildly popular and socially accepted in the digital age. This study investigated the motivation behind posting selfies to Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat using the framework of uses and gratification theory. This study also compared differences in gratification sought from individual social media platforms. A cross-sectional survey shared on Facebook using a snowball sampling method recruited participants who post at least one selfie per week (N = 156). Factor analysis revealed five gratifications for posting selfies to social media: attention seeking, escape, entertainment, archiving time, and communication. An independent t-test revealed female selfie-posters seek self-presentation gratification over men. An independent t-test also revealed selfies are posted to Facebook to satisfy entertainment needs, while Instagram selfies satisfy needs of self- presentation, habit, attention-seeking, entertainment, and status-seeking.

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Selfies (Photography)--Psychological aspects; Online social networks--Psychological aspects

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Communication and Media Technologies (MS)

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