High speed computation is the need of today’s generation of Processors. To accomplish this major task, many functions are implemented inside the hardware of the processor rather than having software computing the same task. Majority of the operations which the processor executes are Arithmetic operations which are widely used in many applications that require heavy mathematical operations such as scientific calculations, image and signal processing. Especially in the field of signal processing, multiplication division operation is widely used in many applications. The major issue with these operations in hardware is that many iteration’s are required which results in slow operation while fast algorithms require complex computations within each cycle. The result of a Division operation results in a either in Quotient and Remainder or a Floating point number which is the major reason to make it more complex than Multiplication operation. The work described in this paper includes design and verification of a floating point divider and multiplier. The inputs of both the Multiplier and Divider and also the output are designed using the single precision IEEE Standard for floating point numbers.

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