This thesis project explores Social Anxiety Disorder, by showing emotions and feelings of the person who suffers from social phobia to help his/her friends and classmates to understand them.

The symptoms of a person with social phobia can be seen as being afraid of communicating with other people, appearing in public, and/or being the center of attention. In such situations, others may easily misunderstand them, so the patient can lose the chance to communicate to others. As a result, the patient's condition will be getting worse. Therefore, it is very hard for people with social phobia to make new friends.

So, their friends and classmates need to know the true thoughts and feelings of the person who suffers from social phobia for understanding the patient's behaviors to help him/her.

Social anxiety disorder, also called social phobia, can result in individual issues in human relations. Sometimes, some minor words from others may stimulate people with social phobia and their emotions and make their current situation worse. When their friends do not have much knowledge about their status, a person suffering from social phobia can be frustrated with his/her sensitive mind.

The purpose of this thesis project is to raise public awareness and spread basic information about social phobia through a short motion graphic. It includes some signs and symptoms of the social phobia, and show what kind of behaviors indicate a potential social anxiety disorder. Through this motion graphic, people whose friends suffer Social Anxiety Disorder can learn more about it and better understand them.

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Social phobia--Interactive multimedia--Design; Computer animation--Themes, motives; Computer animation--Technique

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CIAS)


Nancy A. Ciolek

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Chris Jackson

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Tom Gasek


RIT – Main Campus

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