This thesis examines the concept of incorporating daylight into a school using a heliodon device and Illuminance Rendering in Cloud for Revit software to create a physical and computer model of how the building will function in its given location as a tool to improve the institution’s economy, society, and environment. To properly design the inclusion of natural light in a school building, the climate and weather of the location and the unique timing of occupant use must be considered as daylighting design practices often include concepts that could increase glare or cooling loads. By carefully examining the impacts of the building’s orientation in its location, issues such as increased solar heat can be mitigated using shading devices and appropriate window glazing. This proposal also examines how integrating daylighting into design benefits students, faculty, and staff as it can counter negative health impacts linked to over-illumination by artificial light. Daylighting in school building design can increase productivity levels and improve learning outcomes. Designing school buildings that allow in more natural light also decreases utility bills. However, the structure design must integrate the proper amount of daylight appropriate to the building’s location (meaning: climate and orientation to the Sun). Therefore, prior to embarking on a design that includes daylighting, the school building must be analyzed with a focus on minimizing electricity consumption. Other factors to be considered are the physical models of light admitting design (e.g., clerestory windows, skylights in corridors, light shelves, saw-tooth roofs). Finally, it is equally important that the chosen physical model involve the best possible combination of daylighting and artificial lighting for the given school.

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