The orthopedic professionals and physicians believe in a safer and faster method to replace the existing application and removal of the orthopedic cast. They also believe that the orthopedic treatment process has much more room for improvement. The Easy Wrap orthopedic cast has several benefits. First, it enhances the application and removal procedure. Second, it replaces the existing casting process to reduce the injuries to patients and physicians. Finally, it decreases the number of lawsuits against hospitals and clinics caused by cast injuries.

Background: Using a cast removal saw creates burns and cuts on patient’s skin. This medical saw is also the primary cause of injuries to physicians such as HAVS (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome), and NIHL (Noise-Induced Hearing Loss). Thermal injuries occur when the blade of the oscillating saw produces residences force against the skin. Such injuries occur due to the imperfection of the oscillating saw and the process.

Solution: The Easy Wrap Cast method is a simple solution that uses the existing material to immobilize the fractured area. The EW Cast is a uniform sheet of either plaster or fiberglass in which it is applied to the broken bone to stabilize the fracture. The EW cast removal procedure is much simpler than the existing process. It does not require any power equipment to remove the cast. The EW cast process is as simple as wrapping and unwrapping the cast sheets overlapping edges.

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