Stuck is six-minutes and five seconds in duration. The film starts in an artist’s studio, a blob creature gingerly applies paint to a canvas. The goopy creature is exhausted and slumps onto their canvas. It rests its head there, but is startled by an alarm and remembers something. The blob panics and seizes its portfolio before rushing off.

The blob sits in an office while a bored man flips through the portfolio and hands back the book. Rejected, the blob melts and flows out the door into a hallway of parody movie posters and a display case of ‘mockquettes.’ The blob manages to anger a busy employee, a walking sticky note pad who spits miniature sticky notes before stomping off. The blob melts to a bus stop where two other characters wait, a robot-looking woman pressing glowing screens and a little girl scribbling in her sketchbook. The little girl notices the portfolio tucked under the blob’s arm. She attempts to show the distraught blob her own drawing, but surprises the blob into dropping her portfolio. The blob dives after the pages before they blow away. In the struggle, the blob gets frustrated and starts ripping its portfolio pages. The disappointed girl transforms to a little blob and leaves with the robot woman. The blob grabs a crinkled piece of paper stuck to its side, unfurls the paper and is struck with realization. The blob catches up before they board the bus. The bigger blob shows she understands the drawing and morphs into a young woman. She turns the page revealing a crayon drawing interpretation of the woman the blob is. The little girl, no longer a small blob, gives the drawing to the woman. Once the little girl and robot-mom leave, the woman goes back to the bench with restored optimism.

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Computer animation--Themes, motives; Computer animation--Technique; Animated films--Themes, motives; Animation (Cinematography); Artists--Drama

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Imaging Arts (MFA)

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School of Film and Animation (CIAS)


Mari Jaye Blanchard

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Tom Gasek

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Atia Newman


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