The purpose of the study was to determine if the possible interpretations of the UN stacking recommendation could lead to different results. If this is possible the recommendation would need to be rewritten to eliminate the possibility of the same product passing or failing within the standard. The focus of this study was a plastic jerrican filled with water. The acceptable methods that are mentioned in the recommendation are the type of compression and the optional use of a fixture to simulate nesting. Each jerrican was filled in accordance with the recommendation and allowed to Condition in the testing room at 23°C and 50% humidity for at least 24 hours. The packagings were tested until an appropriate stacking load was placed on to the package. At these loads, the deflections were compared from each test set up as described by the UN recommendation. A statistical evaluation was used to compare the results from each set up with a single variable. This test showed that it was unlikely that the same deflections would occur with the different set ups and that unguided compression would have greater deflections. A long term stacking test was performed at 40°C and showed that unguided stacking test would also have a faster creep rate. The position of the package under the unguided compression was also studied. A CAD image was used to control the position of the package as it was moved to specific offsets. This showed a 1 cm offset could greatly change the deflection and that the movement on the bottom of the plate would change the angle of the swivel platen. Digital Imaging Correlation (DIC) was used to highlight the internal localized stress. These stresses were analyzed in both guided and unguided compression. The different methods will give different overall deflections at the same load.

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