The emerging active matrix liquid crystal (AMLCD) display market requires a high performing semiconductor material to meet rising standards of operation. Currently amorphous silicon (a-Si) dominates the market but it does not have the required mobility for it to be used in AMLCD manufacturing. Other materials have been developed including crystallizing a-Si into poly-silicon. A new approach to crystallization through the use of flash lamp annealing (FLA) decreases manufacturing time and greatly improves carrier mobility. Previous work on FLA silicon for the use in CMOS transistors revealed significant lateral dopant diffusion into the channel greatly increasing the minimum channel length required for a working device. This was further confounded by the gate overlap due to misalignment during lithography patterning steps. Through the use of furnace dopant activation instead of FLA dopant activation and a self aligned gate the minimum size transistor can be greatly reduced. A new lithography mask and process flow were developed for the furnace annealing and self aligned gate. Fabrication of the self aligned devices resulted in oxidation of the Molybdenum self aligned gate. Further development is needed to successfully manufacture these devices. Non-self aligned transistors were made simultaneously with self aligned devices and used the furnace activation. These devices showed an increase in sheet resistance from 250 Ω to 800 Ω and lower mobility from 380 to 40.2 V/cm2s. The lower mobility can be contributed to an increase in implanted trap density indicating furnace annealing is an inferior activation method over FLA. The minimum transistor size however was reduced from 20 to 5 μm. With improvements in the self aligned process high performing small devices can be manufactured.

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Metal oxide semiconductors, Complementary--Design and construction; Metal oxide semiconductors, Complementary--Materials; Thin film transistors--Materials; Annealing of crystals; Silicon crystals

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