The long working hours prevalent in the advertising industry is a well-known fact. It has become a common practice in agencies for quite a while now, leading to work-life imbalance for employees. The advertising agencies follow this practice, not because of its effectiveness, but because that’s what everyone else does. They completely ignore the fact that short breaks from work can increase productivity. A common belief of the industry is that the more nights/weekends you spend at work, the more productive you are. Research proves such work stress affects your personal life and health.

The goal of this thesis is to help the employees of advertising agencies to have a better work-life balance. The work-life balance in this context is defined as having a happier professional life which does not affect your personal life in a negative way. This will further lead to better creativity and productivity. “If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.”– Lord Kelvin

This quote states that what you can measure, has room for improvement. Similarly, the basis of this digital mood tracker will be offering a way to measure company morale. The proposed solution is a tracker of employee’s moods at work by using facial recognition technology. The employees can also express appreciation and thank each other in the form of points. These points can be redeemed for discounts on activities beyond work. Self-awareness of moods and expressions of appreciation inside the company could boost company morale. The company morale graph would be derived from the data collected on the digital display. Similarly, the employers can take necessary actions if results show a lower company morale. It will help keep the employees healthier and happier at work while serving as a beneficial tool for both the employers and the employees.

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Work-life balance; Advertising agencies--Employees; Emotions--Data processing

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