Fossil fuel is still the number one energy resource in China, and among the fossil fuel, coal is the primary resource to generate electricity and heat during heating days. Fossil fuel will result in global warming, sea level rising, but we may not perceive these because of the relatively subtle changes. Nevertheless, China got the punishment from the natural in recent years, most of the mainland China is experiencing the terrible smog, which gets worse in the winter. The cause of the smog is same to London, a huge amount of coal has been consumed in last few decades. To stop the smog spreading in China, the energy resource transformation is imperative.

Oceans cover almost 70% of the earth’s surface which have a tremendous amount of energy in the form of a wave, tidal, ocean current, thermal resources and salinity gradients. Ocean energy is one of the renewable energy that human ancho’s their hope on, and researchers are seeking approaches to capture that energy and convert it to electricity more and more efficiently.

As buildings consuming about 40% of global energy consumption, the architects need to emphasize more on energy saving aspect compare to the past. Dalian has sea area about 29000 square kilometers. It is reasonable to invest and develop on ocean energy. Among different types of ocean energy, tidal energy, which is created by the gravitational forces of the moon and the sun and the rotation of the moon, is one of the most predictable efficient and developed ocean energy. The New Dalian Airport locates in Jinzhou Bay Area, which provides more opportunities for integrating the tidal power to generate energy on site. With the thought of incorporating tidal energy, this thesis will develop a proposal for Dalian Jinzhou Bay International Airport, which aims at being a sustainable, educational, and Net-Zero airport on an artificial island that powered by tidal energy.

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Airports--China--Dalian (Liaoning Sheng)--Planning; Pollution prevention--China; Tidal power--China--Dalian (Liaoning Sheng)

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Fall 2017

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Architecture (M.Arch.)

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Architecture (GIS)


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