We have designed a MATLAB code to perform the simulations on the infusion length of fluid inside the capillary. Previous research work has shown few results but the equation used for plotting the graph of infusion length v/s time has a numerical error. The work we have done has shown the step-by-step procedure to derive the list of forces acting on the capillary getting filled with the material and has also plotted the graph of infusion length v/s time from the equation we get after proof of derivation. The significant changes can be seen in the overall infusion length from the previous work and the work we have presented with mathematical derivations. The impact of overhead pressure, as well as capillary pressure on the infusion length, has been specifically discussed and the impact of the absence of one or the other could be clearly seen from the plots. The MATLAB simulation environment has been designed to go with any material to calculate the infusion length of the material over the time. List of factors affecting the filling length and calculation for same are presented in this report. The capillaries of hollow core fiber have been considered for the design looking at the applications of the fiber and future work.

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Optical fiber communication--Equipment and supplies--Design and construction; Optical fibers--Materials; Fluid-structure interaction--Computer simulation

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