In this thesis, intelligent controllers are designed to control attitude for quadrotor UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle).Quadrotors have a variety of applications in real time e.g. surveillance, inspection, search, rescue and reducing the human force in undesirable conditions. Quadrotors are generally unstable systems; the kinematics of quadrotor resembles the kinematics of inverted pendulum. In order to avoid the possibility of any kind of damages, the mathematical model of quadrotor should be developed and after that, the different control techniques can be implemented. This thesis presents a detailed simulation model for a Quadrotor. For the control purpose, three classical and modern control strategies are separately implemented which are PID, Fuzzy, and Adaptive Fuzzy PID for four basic motions roll, pitch, yaw, and Z/ Height. For better performance, error reduction and easy tuning, this thesis introduces individual controllers for all basic motion of a Quadrotor. The modeling and control is done using MATLAB/Simulink. The main objective of this thesis is to get the desired output with respect to the desired the input. At the end, simulation results are compared to check which controller acts the best for the developed Quadrotor model

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Drone aircraft--Automatic control; Quadrotor helicopters--Computer simulation; PID controllers; Fuzzy logic

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Electrical Engineering (MS)


Abdulla Ismail

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Muhieddin Amer

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Ziad El-Khatib


RIT Dubai

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