Mia is a pretty girl who has attracted many men who present her with empty love only because of her beauty. The film starts with an interior of Mia’s room and then transforms into the past; her memories depict what is in an exterior, outside of her house. She’s dancing and surrounded by many guys. She meets a guy with a hat in the crowd and likes him because he doesn’t try to show off to get her attention. Men start fighting over her; during the fighting, they forget about her. She accidentally gets injured in the middle of the fray, an incident that results in an indelible scar on her face as well as in her loss of beauty. As soon as Mia loses her beauty, all her male admirers neglect her. After all, the main reasons why they like her in the first place is her natural beauty. The time transforms into the present where the film started. Mia decides to cover her face with a scarf and discovers the world again. Men appear around her again, yet when the scarf is blown away, they once again ignored her. However, only the man who puts on a hat likes her through and through, regardless of how she looks. Mia was interested in this man from the outset. However, there is something that she doesn’t know about him: he is blind. When she discovers this, she becomes sad and contemplates whether or not to be with him. In her moment of indecision, she ponders about the basic things about herself (dance, music, and joy), including things that have nothing to do with her beauty. Mia then realizes that what this man finds attractive about her is related to things, which are not related to her appearance since he couldn’t see her. So, she decides that she should use the same senses as he did to discover who he is. They both walk away towards her house with the aim of getting to know each other better.

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Animated films--Themes, motives; Animation (Cinematography); Computer animation--Themes, motives; Computer animation--Technique; Beauty, Personal--Drama; Romance films

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Film and Animation (MFA)

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