Inequality in the labor market of Kosovo is persistent; the level of unemployment is very high, with the highest level among women. This paper aims to present the current role of women in the economy of Kosovo; through unpaid or paid work. This paper is based on secondary research, from which patterns about what effects women's current role in the economy of Kosovo were found. Some of these patterns were: 'motherhood,' gender differences in earnings, education, cultural factor etc. Additionally, this paper is based on the analysis of the results from surveys done to women in high profile jobs and interviews done with individuals who dealt with the role of women in the economy of Kosovo.

To conclude with, the purposed of the primary and secondary based research was to identify gender differences in the economy of Kosovo as well as barriers to women's empowerment; in order to give at the end possible recommendations that address women's needs in the economy of Kosovo, specifically in the labor market.

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Venera Demukaj


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