With the emergence of Internet of Things and information revolution, the demand of high performance computing systems is increasing. The copper interconnects inside the computing chips have evolved into a sophisticated network of interconnects known as Network on Chip (NoC) comprising of routers, switches, repeaters, just like computer networks. When network on chip is implemented on a large scale like in Multicore Multichip (MCMC) systems for High Performance Computing (HPC) systems, length of interconnects increases and so are the problems like power dissipation, interconnect delays, clock synchronization and electrical noise. In this thesis, wireless interconnects are chosen as the substitute for wired copper interconnects. Wireless interconnects offer easy integration with CMOS fabrication and chip packaging. Using wireless interconnects working at unlicensed mm-wave band (57-64GHz), high data rate of Gbps can be achieved.

This thesis presents study of transmission between zigzag antennas as wireless interconnects for Multichip multicores (MCMC) systems and 3D IC. For MCMC systems, a four-chips 16-cores model is analyzed with only four wireless interconnects in three configurations with different antenna orientations and locations. Return loss and transmission coefficients are simulated in ANSYS HFSS. Moreover, wireless interconnects are designed, fabricated and tested on a 6’’ silicon wafer with resistivity of 55Ω-cm using a basic standard CMOS process. Wireless interconnect are designed to work at 30GHz using ANSYS HFSS. The fabricated antennas are resonating around 20GHz with a return loss of less than -10dB. The transmission coefficients between antenna pair within a 20mm x 20mm silicon die is found to be varying between -45dB to -55dB.

Furthermore, wireless interconnect approach is extended for 3D IC. Wireless interconnects are implemented as zigzag antenna. This thesis extends the work of analyzing the wireless interconnects in 3D IC with different configurations of antenna orientations and coolants. The return loss and transmission coefficients are simulated using ANSYS HFSS.

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Multichip modules (Microelectronics); Interconnects (Integrated circuit technology); Wireless communication systems

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Electrical Engineering (MS)

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Electrical Engineering (KGCOE)


Jayanti Venkataraman

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Amlan Ganguly

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Panos P. Markopoulos


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