Sara Milic


This research explores several elements of the Croatian crafting scene; individual motivations of crafters, how the community functions and common business practices. The study is qualitative and part phenomenological, part ethnographic in nature. The main goal was to collect information and data that can act as a foundation for further research. The key methods were in-depth interviews with several Croatian crafters, observation at crafting events and content analysis of online sources and promotional material. The main findings showed that many crafters obtain artistic fulfilment from their art, some turned to crafting out of financial necessity and others were seeking independence. Many participants mentioned that there are a lot of creatives in Croatia who are only following a trend and trying to fit in. Individual motivations resulted in diverse insights but this was expected. Regarding the community almost all individuals that were interviewed maintained that there are a lot of subdivisions based on style, type of craft, and other distinctions. The same impression was observed at fairs and crafting events. As the research developed other themes emerged such as the role of the government in the creative scene and the need to educate crafters to be more Internet and business able. It was unexpected that the lack of support from the Croatian government would be such a common theme amongst all the participants interviewed. A lot of interesting themes were examined throughout this research and the goal of having substance to work from to help the crafting community progress and to help others understand the Croatian creative scene was accomplished.

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Master's Project

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Service Leadership and Innovation (MS)

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Department of Service Systems (CAST)


Jennifer Matic


RIT Croatia