The artwork completed as a part of my thesis exhibition is grounded in an investigation into perception, vision, intuitive art making, and the bond experienced between twins. The work comes from a personal place because art making, for me, has always been about self-understanding. For that comprehension to be holistic and far-reaching, I seek to recognize the sentimental, phenomenal, and physical ties created by being a twin.

This thesis exploration also creates an opportunity for the viewer to experience my visual inquiries into being a twin and my loss of eyesight. Seven years ago, I had a traumatic eye injury, which affected my lens and retina. The damage done was permanent, but it has given me a unique way of seeing the world. This new perception of double vision and blurriness is used as a language for art making, allowing my artwork to live in a place both real and unreal.

Thus, this thesis paper endeavors to both share two personal experiences: the irreplaceable and rare bond experienced between twins, like myself, and my unique way of seeing the world.

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Painting--Themes, motives; Prints--Themes, motives; Twins in art; Art and vision disorders

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Fine Arts Studio (MFA)

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School of Art (CIAS)


Luvon Sheppard

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Alan Singer

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Carole Woodlock


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