The past decade has seen the rapid increase of tourist flows from Middle East countries (World Tourism Organization, 2015). One of these countries is the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. According to Tourism Information and Research Centre (2006-2012), the number of Saudi outbound tourists has been increasing continually in the last ten years. The Tourism Information and Research Centre reported 2 million outbound trips in 2006, while 21 million trips were reported in 2015. However, little is known about Saudi tourists and it is not clear what factors motivate them to travel abroad and what activities they participate in. This research investigates the motivations and vacation activities of Saudis when they travel out of the country. The research aims to provide a review of the literature on travel motivations and vacation activities; primary investigation data on Saudis’ travel abroad, motivations, and vacation activities; and implications for future research and destination management alike. The primary investigation employs a quantitative strategy based on the analysis of data collected through self-administered questionnaires. The study was designed to employ a convenience sample of 400 respondents. The results showed that the most important motivational factors were personal escape, followed by personal seeking. The most important vacation activities were ‘just relaxing’, ‘shopping’, and ‘sightseeing’. The results showed that demographic profiles such as gender and age had an impact on Saudi tourist’ motivation and vacation activity.

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Saudi Arabians--Travel--Research; Tourists--Attitudes

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Muhammet Kesgin

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