Sense3, at its core, is a game in which the player has to collectively use the three senses of sight, touch and hearing to primarily dodge obstacles and collect audio samples, which are vertically remixed to form music. We chose EDM themed music, coupled with a futuristic outer space theme for the art style of the game, creating an immersive environment. The game is a pseudo-endless runner, where the player has to collect all the components to assemble their music. After each play through, the game allows the player to listen to the newly assembled music before reloading. We wanted to encourage replay value as each play through yields new and different music. The concept was decided upon after a series of prototyping sessions and iterations on a select few of them.

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Master's Project

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Game Design and Development (MS)

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School of Interactive Games and Media (GCCIS)


Al Biles

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Christopher Cascioli

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Jesse O’Brien


RIT – Main Campus