The majority of image quality studies have been performed on systems with conventional aperture functions. These systems have straightforward aperture designs and well-understood behavior. Image quality for these systems can be predicted by the General Image Quality Equation (GIQE). However, in order to continue pushing the boundaries of imaging, more control over the point spread function of an imaging system may be necessary. This requires modifications in the pupil plane of a system, causing a departure from the realm of most image quality studies. Examples include sparse apertures, synthetic apertures, coded apertures and phase elements. This work will focus on sparse aperture telescopes and the image quality issues associated with them, however, the methods presented will be applicable to other non-conventional aperture systems. \\

In this research, an approach for modeling the image quality of non-conventional aperture systems will be introduced. While the modeling approach is based in previous work, a novel validation study will be performed, which accounts for the effects of both broadband illumination and wavefront error. One of the key image quality challenges for sparse apertures is post-processing ringing artifacts. These artifacts have been observed in modeled data, but a validation study will be performed to observe them in measured data and to compare them to model predictions. Once validated, the modeling approach will be used to perform a small set of design studies for sparse aperture systems, including spectral bandpass selection and aperture layout optimization.

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Imaging systems--Image quality--Mathematical models; Remote sensing--Data processing

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Imaging Science (MS)

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Chester F. Carlson Center for Imaging Science (COS)


John R. Schott

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