Collection of linewidth data is an important part of photoresist characterization. Linewidth data are usually collected by optical measurements or scanning electron microscopy. Both of these techniques are tedious and time-consuming. In this work, electrically measurable test structures are used to collect linewidth data. These structures use a measured sheet resistance, a known length of conducting material, and the measured resistance of the structure to determine the linewidth. The benefits of using these structures include completely automated data collection and the ability to collect statistically significant amounts of data. This allows the use of existing statistical analysis software to analyze and fit a model to the data. In this study, electrically testable linewidth structures are used in two photoresist characterization experiments to provide important process latitude information. The measured linewidth includes the effects of the photolithography and the subsequent etching step.

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Electrical Engineering (MS)

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Electrical Engineering (KGCOE)


Lynn Fuller

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Renan Turkman

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David Sumberg


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