The practices of Network Defense were analyzed in this research paper. The Internet has become a very dangerous place for computer systems and networks as an increasing number of malicious attacks are occurring each day. Attacks such as Phishing, Campaign Style Attacks, Zero Day Exploits, and Botnets are plaguing individuals and firms who are concerned for the protection of their data and systems. By utilizing a combination of defense systems including Firewalls, Intrusion Protection Systems, 802.1x, NAC, Antivirus, Antispyware and more, I have developed a comprehensive system which can be used as a model of Network Security. In conclusion there many firms that are not ready for Network Security in today’s computer world. With the question of economics needed to remediate the issue, there is the question on how secure are companies and individuals going to be.

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Computer networks--Security measures; Computer networks--Design; Internet--History

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Telecommunications Engineering Technology (MS)


Warren Koontz

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Michael Eastman


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