On a daily basis, humans execute multiple tasks. With technology becoming more prevalent in our everyday lives, we find it creeping into these rituals. This makes it easier to accomplish many tasks at once. The root of the success of technology is its ability to allow us to communicate in ways beyond a simple conversation. That is to say, means of communication are constantly being reinvented and developed.

With these developments, people are finding creative ways of implementing technology into everyday tasks For example, many of us start our day by waking up and taking a shower. Following that shower, we accomplish some sort of hygenic ritual, get dressed and we are out the door. So why not make the most of that time and multitask? This is the goal of the HighTech Vanity. This conceptual product gives us a head start to the day. Checking our email while we put on makeup, keeping up with the latest news headlines while drying our hair, and checking our favorite social network site before we head out the door gives us a head start to our day. When we arrive to work we have already subtracted the hour or two that we would have spent doing these same tasks. As a whole, the HighTech Vanity looks to inspire the ever-developing implementation of technology into our everyday lives.

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Home automation; User interfaces (Computer systems)--Design; Bathrooms--Design; Household electronics; Ubiquitous computing; Ambient intelligence

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Computer Graphics Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CIAS)


Daniel DeLuna

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Chris Jackson

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Marla Schweppe


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