Character Demonstration: Zombie Video Game Characters with Specific Occupations

Jooyoung Byun


Video games with zombies, which are infected creatures that attack humanity, thirst for human flesh and leave behind a human life of their own. Pop culture has glorified them in video games, but zombies are just repetitious; they rush forward to the players in an attempt to reflect their insatiable hunger. In doing so, zombies have the same motion, the same appearance, and the same challenge. Think; what if zombies still remembered the occupations that they had before the infection? Would it be possible for them to use their own profession to assault players in the video game? For example, a zombie, who used to be a chef, could kill players with his advances knife skills. For that reason, players would have to disarm the zombie by cutting off his hands first. According to that idea, the players could fight against different zombies in different ways at each level. When the players face their zombies, they would be interested in unlocking new appearances and finding new weaknesses. As a result, the players would be more engaged and could become a part of the video game.

For this reason, I created a two-minute character demonstration to represent three, 3D professional, customized zombie characters that attack players in the zombie's own ways. Furthermore, I focused on highlighting their profession through attack motions rather than settings, but I do suggest that they are assimilated in their proper surroundings. In my thesis, zombie characters will include: (a) tailor using a scissors and needles, (b) a chef using knives, and (c) a lumberjack using a chainsaw as a weapon. I want the characters to be easily incorporated into existing video games with zombies to enhance the player experience.