Amara Chekwa


My thesis exposes users to interpretive ballet, using many aspects of computer graphics design, including 3D animation, interaction and graphical user interface design. The interactive work consists of dragging and dropping pre-rendered animated ballet moves to create a sequenced dance performance. The target audience is young girls, ages 7-13, who are interested in interpretive dance and/or ballet. As ballet consists of precise movement, my animation focuses more on interpretive dance movements that imply ballet, rather than mimic the actual precision of ballet moves. The model used for this project was constructed on a grant from the National Center for Women in Technology. The design portion was changed to make the project more believable. The model's casual outfit was changed to ballet tutu. The tennis shoes were changed into ballet slippers. The hair was changed into ballet bun. The pink tutu and leotard were given to the model because most young girl-ballerinas wear pink. The new transformation made her more believable as a ballet dancer. This Interactive Interpretive Ballet project successfully combines and uses many aspects of computer graphics design, including 3D animation, Interaction and graphical user interface design. The objective is to publish Interactive Interpretative Ballet on an interactive website, allowing users to view Interactive works.

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Modern dance--Interactive multimedia--Design; Ballet--Interactive multimedia--Design; Computer graphics--Design; Computer animation--Technique; Three-dimensional display systems

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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School of Design (CIAS)


Chris Jackson

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Marla Schweppe

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Thomas Warfield


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