Many social media websites including MySpace, AniRoleplay, and Tumblr

give users the opportunity to express their personality by customizing the

profile. The contact list of an Apple iPhone currently does not allow users

to customize features. This project created a new user-interface design for

the contact list of an Apple iPhone which draws inspiration from the

Pokédex used in the popular Pokémon franchise. By rebranding this

fictional device so the core functionality translates into the real world in a

practical and original way, users can bring their personality and creative

expression to other devices outside the internet.

Many key components found within the different iterations of the Pokédex

were investigated such as the layout style, color scheme, features, and

prominent design elements. Understanding the successes and failures of

basic informational features of each Pokédex design iteration was critical

to the development of this project and served as the foundation of the

Connex application. Taking the design characteristics and functional

features of the Pokédex and merging them with the functional features of

the Apple iPhone, users were given a new level of freedom, control, and

flexibility never yet experienced on a mobile platform. Each user has the

ability to change the layout, color scheme, typography, and elemental

type classifications which can result in the possibility of no two Connex

applications appearing identical.

The final iteration of the Connex application meets three core elements.

First, it contains a visually friendly user-interface due to the design choices

of the developer. Second, it is user friendly due to the attention to detail

which was incorporated into the user-interface. Third, it contains the

ability for users to customize its features and incorporate their own


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iPhone (Smartphone)--Mobile apps; User interfaces (Computer systems)--Design; Pokémon (Game)

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Visual Communication Design (MFA)

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