Rizah Hajdari


This Capstone project addresses the important problem of functional improvement of the National Environmental System in Kosovo. The main issues addressed are the legal requirements for data collection, data processing, validation, and reporting, as stipulated by the law on environment; and the practical needs for improvement in order to make the system more effective, more reliable, and more usable in order to provide timely and accurate environmental data to the policymakers and to overall public. In order to better address the problem, consideration is given to both international and national context of EIS requirements. This is very relevant given the fact that nowadays, in particular at EU level, there is a need to establish systems which are compatible to each other, and which enable standardization, comparability and verification of data. To contribute to solving the issue, a review of current EIS, legal and institutional framework, human and technical capacities is made. Kosovo Environmental Information System is regulated by the law on environment, which provides general principles for establishment of the system. The law stipulates that more detailed structure of the EIS has to be determined by a sub-law act. This sub-law act should define all the details, concerning the data flow, data format, frequency, responsible institutions, and timeframe for data delivery and publication. Currently the EIS system is managed by an EIS designated unit at KEPA. As there are no procedures in place, and because of lack of the staff, the EIS is still remaining ineffective and incomplete.

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Master's Project

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Professional Studies (MS)


Donika Demiri


RIT Kosovo