Connor Lamb


For a better understanding of how gender is portrayed in media, it is important to include a specific investigation on how men are portrayed. This visual analysis study focused on the six unique American Vogue covers that included men to examine gender representation. All the cover images were analyzed for characteristics in the male and female cover persons’ pose, gaze, and race. Amidst current gender debates, American Vogue has portrayed both men and women together on the cover only six separate times over American Vogue’s entire history. The investigation of these six covers contributes a better understanding of how American Vogue has represented males, females, and gender relationships. Insights include why and how these men were included on a magazine cover designed for women. Through visual analysis and awareness of agenda setting theory, the six different cover images were interpreted and discussed. The six American Vogue covers studied were published as late as 1992 and as recently as February 2016.

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Vogue (New York); Magazine covers--Themes, motives; Men in advertising; Sex role in advertising; Masculinity

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Communication and Media Technologies (MS)

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School of Communication (CLA)


Patrick Scanlon

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Jonathan Schroeder

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Meredith Davenport


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