A system was established for the evaluation of sources of optical radiation with respect to recommended ocular exposure limits. This system consists of a diode array radiometer calibrated for absolute radiometric measurements and software for the application of the currently accepted threshold limits for exposure to the various wavelengths of radiation. Absolute calibration of the array radiometer was accomplished to within 3 percent of values obtained by a conventional instrument. Day-to-day repeatability of the instrument indicates the possiblility of absolute calibration of the detector array responsivity for everyday use in the measurement of continuous sources to an accuracy of plus-or-minus 2.8 percent. It was also determined that the output of several optical sources used in copying machines and photography can exceed the retinal thermal Threshold Limit Value. One typical 35 mm photographic flash exceeded the threshold at a range of 3 meters. Other threshold expressions were not exceeded at significant distances or exposure durations for these sources.

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Imaging Science (MS)

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School of Photographic Arts and Sciences (CIAS)


Roy Berns

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Thomas Ely

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Nestor Rodriguez


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