Information Technology (IT) professionals in higher education regularly collaborate in communities of practice. The community knowledge sharing wiki is a collaboration tool IT professionals utilize as a centralized platform to improve knowledge and share best practices. The goals of the wiki are to improve the knowledge of IT professionals and the services of IT organizations in higher education. The primary benefit of IT professionals establishing a knowledge sharing wiki is having a centralized, structured, searchable, and expert reviewed resource for IT related service areas. As this wiki was further developed, measurements were to be defined to regularly report and review the wiki successes and failures. These measurements would ensure information is current and beneficial to all participants. A structure for the wiki was developed and the wiki was promoted to IT professionals via established community mailing lists and other outreach activities. The success of this knowledge sharing wiki implementation depended upon identifying a core group of professionals interested in establishing and updating the wiki. Once the wiki was established, others in the community would also be encouraged to contribute and participate in the wiki to ensure the tool was effective and useful for professionals and organizations to improve their IT services. Although many IT professionals expressed interest in the wiki, a core group of professionals could not be identified to establish the knowledge sharing wiki. A survey was conducted to identify the barriers with establishing the wiki and determine criteria for the wiki to be a beneficial tool to professionals. Professionals primarily lacked the time to participate and also cited an abundance of other resources already available in the field. Some of the professionals may have contributed if an incentive of some type was offered. While the establishment of the wiki has not been realized, the knowledge gained through developing the foundations for the wiki, promoting the wiki and analyzing the challenges with establishing the wiki have been beneficial to the IT community.

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