Seulgi Cho


John McCathy and Peter Wright, who are technology philosophers while also being engineers, analyzed the technology of today and found that it transcends the mere role of being everyday tools, and claim that technology has such a significant existence that it can influence the emotions of humans. The products of technology such as machines that have become everyday parts of our lives are no longer simple tools, but their meanings in our lives have expanded into something more complex. The products of technology, they point out, influence and change the sense of perception and emotional state of people. But, to me, they have not adequately explained all the ways in which technology and humans have become interrelated.

Through my work, I wish to describe in my own language the relationship between technology and humans that I believe is significant.

The world that I view is a world where people are infatuated with the efficacy of machines, and where humans coexist with machines. Machines extend the lifespan of humans and also make the lives of humans more convenient. Machines have become such an important part of our human lives that we cannot live without them, once we have benefited from such experience. If machines have become an essential part of our lives, we must now find a model lifestyle in which we can coexist with machines.

Through my thesis artwork, I convey visual portrayals of how the images in our society have transcended their natural form and how people, through artificial forces are now at the crossroads of transcending humanity. Also, by visually portraying how machines bring about symptoms of the autistic and shy tendencies of people, I wished to depict a paradoxical glimpse of our humanity through the reality in which we begin to be dominated by machines.

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