Genta Agaj


The focus of this research project was to address some of the criticisms associated with Kosovo’s standardized tests - Matura Exams. The main goal of the project was to statistically analyze students’ test results using three statistical techniques. This problem was tackled by obtaining the 2014 results for the Municipality of Prishtina.

First, Prishtina’s Matura Exam test results were checked for normality. The results from this test suggested that even though Matura Exam is supposed to have normally-distributed results, it failed to do so. Its implications include students and universities not being able to compare individual results with the population results. Thus, it was recommended for MEST to differently structure the test and/or to test experimental questions to students beforehand. Second, the test results were used to perform the Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) Test. The main revelation from ANOVA was that schools have performed statistically different from each other. In addition, the best-performing schools and the worst-performing schools were able to be identified. Such a statistic was recommended to be used to identify and then tackle the subjects in which the schools are not performing well. Third, a Regression Equation was constructed in order to determine which variables affect students’ scores in the Matura Exam. It was found that variable “school,” “private versus public education,” and “gender” are statistically significant in explaining test results. The recommendation for this section was to further expand this equation so the independent variables could explain more of the variation in the test scores.

The main aim of this project was to provide with some concrete statistical tests that institutions such as the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology along with the Municipality Education Department could undertake and possibly publish.

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